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I hear they have great “dogs” there…

June 6, 2013

now we’re ALL in Illinois

If the UK ever gets itself back on balance, I might move there simply for better, less biased journalism. OK, maybe I really just want a more libertarian bent…The Telegraph

both Republicans and Democrats keep on voting for authoritarians. There’s a frustrating hypocrisy that many conservatives applauded the accrual of state power under Bush for the sake of fighting the War on Terror only to scream blue murder about it now that it’s happening under Obama. Likewise…the journalist Martin Bashir has gone to far as to claim that the IRS scandal is a coded attack upon the President’s race, that “IRS” is the new “n word”. Sometimes it feels like Obama could be discovered standing over the body of Sarah Palin with a smoking gun in his hand and liberals would scream “racist!” if anyone called him a murderer. Their capacity for self-delusion knows no bounds

I don’t remember which blogger talked about both sides feeding from the public trough. One of my first posts talked about how the era of “Hope and Change” was really just a matter of changing the beneficiaries of having a relationship with the policy makers in government. It isn’t that one side feeds off the public and the other is altruistic. They’re largely all in it for the $ – and even the ones who weren’t that way when they first got to Washington get that way…

Real Clear Politics: On Friday, Michigan Rep. John Dingell will become the longest-serving member  of Congress. Ever. This is already being heralded as a “milestone” and  an “achievement,” and I suppose it is. But it also symbolizes a good deal of  what’s wrong with Washington…

We now have a permanent governing class in our nation’s capital, some of whom  have never held a job other than elected office and others, like the Dingells  and Kennedys, for whom politics is the family business…There is value in having people with experience in Washington, but we’ve  ventured too far in that direction, with an entrenched governing class too  focused on getting and maintaining power and control

How many Dahle’s were in office in Chicago?

At any rate, yeah – I’m surprised at the surprise that the IRS targeted people who were suggesting that the state gets smaller (i.e., you should find a real job somewhere in the private sector). Entitlement acts in a very ugly way when threatened or questioned. People who want to align to ‘the fashionable’ thinking because they want to be thought of well are going to fight any thoughts that might result in an incongruence.


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