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We Trust You… To Do What We Expect

May 31, 2013

Geez, you make one cyber-warfare post, and then you get taken out for two days… I’ll tell the story later.

For now… hey, let’s look at a guy we just all need to trust to have our best interests in mind.  Thanks to Hot Air for the pointer.

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. pledged Thursday to take concrete steps to address concerns that the Justice Department has overreached in its leak investigations and said officials would seek procedural and possibly legislative changes to protect journalists’ First Amendment rights.

Holder’s commitment came at a private meeting with news executives after criticism that the Justice Department had infringed on the news media in several high-profile leak investigations. Participants said he told them officials would revise guidelines for issuing subpoenas to obtain reporters’ phone records.

Hey, thanks!  I know that you punched me from behind, and then finally admitted it was you after video evidence came out.  But you now TOTALLY promise me that you won’t punch me again.  Oh, and why did you spray-paint the camera lenses?

I bear no malice towards Mr. Holder.  He’s an official who is doing what he views his job to be.  Now he’s being called to the carpet for his methods, and he’s hoping that we can ignore his methods in the future.  Well, trust is established by action, not by promises.  At this point, the actions have spoken much louder than a few words to a few reporters, and I don’t think anyone has confidence that things will change.

It’s interesting that there are already government rumors swirling on who’s angling to replace him.  When the people around the president start to position… well, that means more than the press has lost confidence in you.

I almost expect Mr. Holder to survive, just because the administration seems to be so arrogant about their status.  But the actions these days are those of a person desperate to be liked.  It’s not that you need to be liked, it’s that you need to be trusted.  And I don’t think that words will suffice right now.

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