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Each generation has an opportunity

May 20, 2013

to whine about poor parenting, apparently. On Millenials:

that there are more avenues for us to entertain ourselves than ever before, yet we are more bored than ever before. It is this boredom that has led to a pervasive ennui amongst us….Entertainment has never been more diversified. We have more cable channels, critically acclaimed television shows, and formulaic movies than ever before. Beyond the small screen, Internet providers like Hulu and Netflix allow instant viewing of almost any movie or television program ever created….

….We have filled our lives with trinkets and toys, most of which appear on our screens, but all lack any real meaning or substance.

And correlating to another article:

This Saturday is the fourth annual “Take Our Children to the Park…and Leave Them There Day.”

For real.

by “play” I mean: Stand around, get bored, wonder what to do, wish there was an Xbox around, feel hungry, feel a little too hot or cold, feel mad at mom for not organizing something “really” fun, like a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, feel bad all around, realize the other kids are feeling bad too, and then—in desperation—do something.

What comes with Millennials? Helicopter parents.

Too many kids have no idea how to entertain themselves because there really aren’t opportunities presented to just play. Just look at their parents calendars & you’ll see why.

Whatever the case – at some point, whatever generation it is, either you make something of yourself, or you live unfulfilled, unhappy lives wondering why you couldn’t have YOUR dreams come true – like Disney tells you is possible. So what do they do? Live vicariously through someone ELSE’s princess dreams. People magazine can make it possible!

Our age is lousy with celebrities. They can be found in every sector of society, including ones that seem less than glamorous…The obsession with celebrities …obliterates old distinctions between high and low culture, serious and trivial endeavors, profit making and philanthropy, leading to the phenomenon of being famous for being famous…

…Their superficial diversity dangles before us the myth that in America, anything is possible …As mindless diversions from a sluggish economy and chronic malaise, the new aristocrats play a useful role

The celebrity monuments of our age have grown so huge that they dwarf the aspirations of ordinary people, who are asked to yield their dreams to the gods: to flash their favorite singer’s corporate logo at concerts, to pour open their lives (and data) on Facebook, to adopt Apple as a lifestyle


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