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To our friend “NoOneofImport”

May 13, 2013

If Linda didn’t already beat me to posting on this one – Time Magazine

Three generations of women walk into a toy shop. The older woman’s goal is simple: to find a fabulous toy for a little girl. It aligns exactly with the goals of the child, recently turned 3 and freshly aware of the thrill of buying stuff.

You know exactly what part of “silly” this article is going to, right? I bet Linda does…

intergenerational warfare is postponed by the disappearance of my daughter. A frantic search finds her in the pink toy aisle, sitting inside a miniature car. The motorcar is plastic, it is pink, and it is branded by a well-known doll whose breasts are bigger than her feet.

I’ve never seen my child so happy.

Naturally I’m horrified.

Oh! HEAVENS FORBID! My 3 year old isn’t gender neutral!!!!!!! What will my feminist friends think of ME! Because it’s really about ME!

I peek into the boys’ aisle to see what sort of fantasies they’re engaged in while my daughter scrubs the floor. It’s all blue and camo brown in there……  These are the boys who’ll leapfrog over my daughter in the workplace, I think

You know, this is simply a different kind of middle school girl drama, I’m convinced. See, it’s not about her daughter or what SHE wants. It’s really all about ME!  WAIT! It’s Hasbro’s fault!

Thanks to an unimaginative toy industry that continues to typecast our kids by gender, I’ve turned a family outing into an obstacle course I can’t win without being a killjoy. To make matters worse, my daughter doesn’t even like gender-neutral toys. …. What’s a feminist mom to do?

At least some of the people posting comments have a sense of humor, if not a lick of sense. A couple personal favorites in what I saw in response to the article
How about you let your little girl be a little girl? There will be plenty of time later, when she’s in high school or college, to screw her up. For now, how about letting her be more than an extension of your politics
And for Jim & Mary – one I KNOW you’ll appreciate (heh)
My wife and I gave our daughter her first shotgun (a 410) for her 12th birthday.  By the age of 15 she had graduated to a 12 gauge and a 273 sports rifle. At 19 she goes bow hunting for deer and turkey with us.  Come on down to SE Oklahoma and we’ll rear your daughter right!!!  She won’t be some wimpy feminist
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  1. May 17, 2013 1:52 pm

    oh man, thanks for the laugh, Lynn. I had indeed read that article and would have loved to post. We’re wrapping up the school year and prepping for another deployment so I didn’t even enjoy “Offend a Feminist Week” the way I like to. So ripe was all her overdramatic whining, and you did not disappoint. If this is the worst thing she can complain about, her life is purty good.

    Her girl, on the other hand. Kind of feel sorry for her.


  2. May 14, 2013 8:20 am

    Having recently been schooled by a 19-year-old lady in shotgun, I say, “Start ’em young!” That kid taught me more in three days then I’ll learn in the next two years.

    I’d seen this one, and considered posting, but I usually leave these types to Lynn… maybe it’s the gender roles coming out. Let kids play with what they want to play with. If the young girl grows up and graduates to robots and electronics kits, then that’s her call. But at some point, adults try so hard to force kids not to be kids… and I think it just prevents the kids from ever growing up. They’ll always look to an adult for an answer, even as they become adults.

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