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A Pretty Cool Day

April 28, 2013

It’s been an interesting Sunday, and I’ve been a bit light on the blogs lately given my schedule, so here’s a nice freebie for y’all.  Oh, wait, they’re all free…

I’m pretty much at what I call a “digitally significant” age.  That is, it’s a multiple of five, which is significant because we have five fingers on a hand.  So, first, I’m a geek.  Second, I refuse to prove to myself that I can do the things I already do.  But as to things I’ve never done… well, those just get more interesting to do over time.

So the love-of-my-life babe wife and I ran a half-marathon today.  I finished just a hair under 2:15, which equates to about 10:15 minute miles.  I’m less than a year into running, and I’m happy that I can take a step like this to do something fun and do it with my lovely wife.  The particular half-marathon was in Eugene, OR, which is a unique place to say the least.  The crowd around the course was fantastic, and I’ll probably try to run it again sometime.  Some of the signs were pretty good:

  • How come all the good guys run away from me? (I told her she needed to take up running, and they’d run toward her.)
  • Nobody ever drowned in their own sweat.
  • Hurray, random running person!
  • Obama/Biden – 2016 (oh, wait, that was one that I was surprised NOT to see)

Anyway, I might be blowing the ol’ horn a bit, but I’m feeling pretty good about being stubborn enough to pull this off.  It comes back to the fact that strategists have to be stubborn, since we have to outlast a bunch of short-term weenies at times.

More cool… okay, less cool first… I had to start my business trip on a Sunday evening, so we booked back from the run, and I finished packing and saying, “ow,” and all that.  As I got to the airport, I noticed a long row of people lined up with flags.  Since I’d just visited with Eugene Street Theater, I was all over the Portland version, especially with flags.  So it turns out that it was an Honor Flight, returning from Washington DC.  I was sold… I did manage to make my flight, though it was because there was a short security line.  But the ability to thank the brave men coming back from any war, even one many decades ago, was too much to pass up.

Of course, the day would have been better if I’d had a camera either time… oh, well.  I have my memories.

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  1. May 6, 2013 10:52 am

    congratulations on the half! when hubs ran his first and only (so far) marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon in DC, I loved the folks w/shirts that said, my name is ____ please cheer me on! And of course being military based it was very inspiring. Lots of injured veterans running/wheeling the race. I highly recommend it if you ever want to try the east coast. They probably have a half, too.

    I myself, have no plans beyond my current 3 mile trots. 🙂


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