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Random Thoughts on a Sunny, Cloudy Day

April 3, 2013

In the air over what looks like a pile of clouds, but it’s sunny where I sit.  Time for some random thoughts…

Our friend of much import, L, had this from Moe Lane  posted this morning on Facebook, and I could resist:

…if Obamacare teaches us anything, it’s that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are ear-bleedingly bad when it comes to constructing legislation.  There could be a clause in there that mandates that every child in America gets a pretty, pretty pony to sacrifice to Cthulhu in 2017 and we’d never know until a bureaucrat happens across the relevant clause.

If you can find a pony, I’m posting it.  Frankly, if you can make a decent Cthulhu joke, I’m posting it…

This very early morning, the nice lady sitting next to me on the plane commented how much I observed about airplanes.  Short story was that I was doing a running commentary on the work they were quietly doing to fix the airplane, even though the pilot hadn’t even announced that it was broken.  She took it as proof that I’m a guy who “notices things.”  I took it as proof that, even after 20-some years of travel, I still don’t like to travel…

I was in an all-day meeting yesterday while the cream of the liberal world espoused to a large group of us on how the world was changing.  I learned that me violently disagreeing with someone still at least makes me wonder why I disagree with them so much, so I’m still thinking.  Their opinions might be dumb, but I’ll think about them.  The most interesting thing of the day was the (very knowledgeable and somewhat famous) guy who was wailing about how we were reducing vast tracts of land to wasteland to produce energy on one slide, and then proudly showed a picture of acres of solar panels two slides later…

That said, he had a good point.  Buildings in cities could easily take better advantage of solar and water collection, and there are good reasons to design new buildings to retrofit later.  You don’t need a bunch of panels on the roof today, but angling the roof to possibly catch them later can’t really hurt, and there’s no reason to not put simple collection/storage for water underground if you’re already digging.  I can see where it wouldn’t be optimal everywhere, but it does make some sense…

Oh, so I see (thanks, Hot Air) that we’re now back to advocating risky loans.  Does history repeat itself?  Or is it really: stupid is and stupid does?  Or both, I suppose…

I realize I’m in the minority when I say that we bailed on the whole, “home loans until your ears bleed because then you have cash at a low interest rate,” rage.  I recognize that I’m blessed that we were frugal and paid off our loans.  But really, I don’t care about having available cash that I could be using for something else.  I have a house.  I don’t care what it’s worth, because I own it.  That’s incredibly freeing, and I encourage all of you to really look hard at living with less to live with more later…

Back to work, have a nice day.

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