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When “Modern family” meets Pre-modern families

March 30, 2013

From Mark Steyn

Modern Family works well on TV …. In Europe, where dependency, decadence, and demographic decline are extinguishing some of the oldest nations on earth, a successor population is already in place in the restive Muslim housing projects. With their vibrant multicultural attitudes to feminism and homosexuality, there might even be a great sitcom in it: Pre-Modern Family — and, ultimately, post-Modern.

It’s very odd, but whenever I get into a discussion about the global situation & attitudes towards behaviors that the west considers “enlightened” vs. “old fashioned”, someone comes back at me with “I’m not talking foreign policy you idiot”

Still – shouldn’t they be thinking about it at least? How can you have loose immigration policy, and then be shocked when something like the situation below happens?

Amsterdam – Gay Patriot has more. The cleric’s call for this kind of action is here

even more – “loose” western women are also targeted. An unreported “epidemic” in Europe – you know, that place of utopian nirvana we’re all expected to aspire to imitate….

I’m not advocating that we should shut the borders and view everyone of non-western origin with suspicion. I do wonder what happens when new immigrants bring very different cultural values, and aren’t afraid, ashamed or worried about bringing those values with them, wherever they go. What – I wonder – happens, when your welfare state supports clerics, who claim your provision for their living expenses is “Jizya” – simply legitimizing their calls for inside out fatwahs?? Think it can’t happen?  think again.

Regardless of how the court cases go today, it won’t change worldwide hearts and minds. We can tell ourselves that the issue of “modern family” living next door in constant tension with “pre-modern family” in our nation is a long way off. As a neutral bystander to both sides of this question- I doubt it to be as far off as we’d like to think….

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