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My Favorite Day of the Year

March 29, 2013

This will veer a bit from what I normally post on our little strategy blog.  I wanted to talk about my favorite day of the year.

I am not a theologian.  I am a Christian, growing up Catholic, attending 17 years of Catholic school, and now attending an Evangelical Christian church.  Even as a kid serving mass, the Palm Sunday mass seemed to go beyond the, “oh, this is the extra-long gospel day with all the people reading it,” stage.  There was something about The Passion that struck me.  When I finally became a senior enough server I started serving the Holy Thursday and Good Friday sessions, and Good Friday with its simple solemnity always put me in a sober but elated mood.  It took me years to realize why.

Most Christians will tell you that Christmas is the best day of the year, because it represents the birth of our Lord, who came to this world to save us.  The presents, decorations, and food probably help.  Many others will note that Easter Sunday represents Christ’s victory over death, which should be the best day of the year.  The decorations, worldwide recognition, and food probably help.

Good Friday represents the greatest crime in history.  The only innocent and sinless man to ever walk the Earth –after being betrayed by one of his closest friends and convicted of a random series of crimes, and one truth — was brutally murdered and thrown into a nameless grave.  And he not only predicted it, he condoned it and went willingly to a horrific death to save… well, to save lots of people, but one of them was me.

Before I was even born, God knew that I could never measure up to His own perfection.  I could give all my things to charity, live an exemplary life, and the like, and I still couldn’t be perfect.  A dark thought here, a stray glance there, and I had no chance of ever approaching perfection and standing on my own.  But Jesus, the Christ, knew that, and he offered to take my sins and the sins of everyone else on himself, and give himself to His Father in sacrifice as a propitiation for my sins.

I can’t fathom why I’d ever be worthy of that offer, but it happened.  Even now, I can accept or reject that offer of my own will — I’ve chosen to accept it.  And for that unfathomable sacrifice, Good Friday is my favorite day of the year.

Happy Easter, everyone.

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