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Outsourcing Is Good for Jobs… Forever!

March 14, 2013

Here’s an interesting take from The Register, and one that I know a few IT managers haven’t considered.

Walk down the hall. Look into the IT room. How old are the people in there? How are they getting on? Or are they just getting on? Would you trust them to keep the server lights on in a couple of years? Is there anybody actually in there at all?

If there isn’t, your company may be part of the problem that’s keeping John Harris and his colleagues at the Corporate IT Forum awake at night: who’s going to take over from today’s IT workers when the time comes for them to log out for good.

There are days that I joke the only difference in my high-tech company today and ten years ago is that the average age is about ten years older.  But it’s an endemic problem that isn’t going away, especially as IT tries to cut costs.

So those jobs you’re not hiring for?  They’re going to keep you working, perhaps a lot longer than you were hoping.

I spend a lot of time mentoring younger kids to get them interested in technology, and I often comment that I need them to replace me soon.  We can’t focus on the fear of losing a job to someone younger if it means we don’t look out for the health of the industry as a result.  It’s seen as a tough balance, but not to me.  Growth only happens when we feed the system.

Here’s hoping that I get replaced someday, and that it’s my fault.

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