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March 4, 2013

I’m thinking this is one invention that will have to be championed by the non-nerds, despite the look of it

Google glasses. Sigh

Have engineers and the geeky gadget freaks started caring about looks and safety suddenly? Nope

See if you can pick out the “no thanks” factor for the average geek

Glass is supposed to have the functionality of a smartphone packaged into a hands-free device that wraps around your head like a pair of glasses (although anybody who has ever worn glasses knows they’re not always hands free). Commands will be verbal

Oh goody. Most engineers are fairly introverted. So, not only do they have to talk to people all day, they have to talk to their computers to tell the COMPUTER what to do. I can only imagine how great this is when you’re in a compressed cubicle environment (amazing how sound travels when you’re all in a 6×9′ grey walled box….).

What if you’re noun-challenged? “computer; move the uh, thingy to the file menu….right – no I mean, LEFT click…”





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