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A Few Random Thoughts

March 4, 2013

It’s a sunny morning with a view of the mountains only partially obscured out my work window by the condensation from the chillers on the other side of the courtyard. It might seem mystical, but only if you squint…

The love-of-my-life and I had a good weekend shooting our first speed steel competition. I’m a fan of shooting sports anyway, and this focuses on skill, planning, and camaraderie with people you’ve just met, but who you know have similar interests. My performance was actually pretty good for never trying it. Okay, now I need a plasma cutter and some rolled steel…

For a cheap guy like me, speed steel has extra motivation.  I was using a 9mm semi-auto, and every miss would cha-ching in my head in a bad way.  Ammo is expensive.  That’ll be motivation to do better if nothing else…

Interesting Arthur Brooks article in the WSJ, which makes the moral case for why conservatives should care about the poor.  Hmmm.  I obviously want to care about indigent people, and I want to care for people in need.  And I suppose I’d be spoiling the mood if I wondered how to define both of those?  There are poor people I know who drive better cars and have nicer gadgets than I do.  I’m all for logic in policy, but I suppose that’s what makes people on the left think conservatives don’t care for the poor in the first place…

I also noted that Seagate is going to end-of-life it’s “performance” laptop hard drives.  I have to admit, I went SSD in all my laptops years ago, and I’ve never looked back.  If anything, the fact that the laptop is so quiet makes it for me.  I highly recommend paying the extra for the SSD (and yes, my company does make them, and this is not an advertisement for that).  If you’re switching for the first time, you’ll be amazed…

Has anyone been watching the Space-X status?  It’s amazing to me that we’ve progressed enough in less than fifty years for a semi-viable commercial approach to space cargo.  I’m more interested to see if this has long-term viability for a company to actually prosper, but I’d bet we’ll be there before long.  I hope so, at least…

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