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Keep It in the Forefront

February 14, 2013

Here’s a little note from Reason, noting the little note from Politico.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein will hold a hearing on the assault weapons ban on Feb. 27, she said Wednesday.

The California Democrat has said she was unhappy with the witnesses called for the first full Judiciary Committee hearing last month.

As J.D. Tuccille says, “Seriously, that’s her announced reason.”

Well, her unannounced reason is the same as the president’s when he dedicated a serious amount of SOTU ergs to gun control.  Despite the fact that the country is pretty evenly split, with a bit of a tilt towards the freedom to own whatever one wants, the Democratic leadership knows that it has to keep harping on the poor victims of gun violence instead of using logic as to why guns should be limited.

That’s mostly because there doesn’t appear to be a lot of logic that they’ve found to be on their side.

But from a strategy side, if you can continue to make an emotional appeal, people will forget that your logic is imperfect.  In fact, most of strategy really ends up finding the emotional hook that drives people to change their minds.  I would expect that those favoring gun control will keep up the incessant pressure, including a hyping of every gun-related crime that’s worth mentioning (so no inner-city unless the person is famous, no crimes where the perpetrator is an obvious criminal, etc.)… find something that can really grab the headlines, even if it’s not in this country.

All murders, attempted murders, and the like are tragic in that people are lost.  And yet the press on gun violence seems to be out of control right now, which continues to drive the emotional train that keeps people paying attention.  It’s a good strategy… I wonder if logic can still win out?

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