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Well, That’s a Relief

January 9, 2013

Hey, I’m on the road this week, so I’ve not been following the dumb news all that much.  While waiting for a couple friends at a local establishment, though, I noticed this one.  I’ll happily admit to watching pretty much zero in terms of network television other than the occasional football game.  So, imagine my relief that it’s still the same meaningless dreck that’s already out there.

Fox’s entertainment chief said Tuesday that the network did not change the content of “The Following,” its upcoming drama about a serial killer, because of the Connecticut school shooting or other real-life acts of violence.

The drama, featuring Kevin Bacon chasing a grisly killer who recruits murderous disciples, is simultaneously the most stomach-churning and most anticipated new dramas on television’s docket. Debuting Jan. 21 on Fox, the Kevin Williamson-created series opens by showing the bloody aftermath of knifed prison guards, has a woman commit suicide by gouging her eye and piercing her skull with an ice pick, and shows a man set on fire at a coffee stand.

Obviously people watch this crud, so the networks produce it in increasing graphic-icity (or is that -idiocy?).  Imagine my relief, though, when I saw this note:

While Kevin Reilly, Fox entertainment chairman, initially said the series’ promotion wasn’t affected, a spokesman later noted that some ads for the show were softened immediately following the Connecticut shooting. Electronic billboards depicting a woman with an ice pick were changed to pictures of Bacon, said Fox’s Joe Earley. Some on-air ads with action sequences were also changed to focus on Bacon, and Fox combed its promotions to make sure none of them depicted actors with guns, Earley said.

Well, that’s a relief.  We can show a lady gouging her eye out, and a guy immolating on television, but thankfully they’ve scrubbed out any hint of firearms.

Okay, whatever.  I get grief for owning a small number of firearms, and Fox gets a pass for everything but actually showing someone hold a gun.  Check.  It further convinces me that my choice of watching dumb reality home-shows on TV is the right one.  Meanwhile, I’ll go back to my coffee and maybe catch a book later today.

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