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Oh what perpetual unemployment checks hath wrought…

January 3, 2013

Anyone ever scroll the comments on WSJ, Gateway Pundit or any Breitbart site and notice the repeated troll posts from the same person?

I am not sure what amazes me more – the fact that their comments largely amount to “I am right- you suck and your stupid because you don’t think as smart as me” (grammatical errors were intended) or how many comments like that come from the same person in threads that have hundreds of comments.

What do they do for a living if they have time to spend 6 hours commenting and recommending to someone else’s  comments ?? Why do intelligent individuals even bother to respond to comments as silly as “tea parties want to regulate my daughters’ uteris’ (yeah that was copied verbatim, spelling and all)

Apparently those unemployment checks fund something – couch time trolling with childish taunts for 6 hours – THAT’LL show them repubs how much smarter and ethical Obama/unions/Woodrow Wilson are


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  1. Ellen D. permalink
    January 6, 2013 10:42 pm

    Maybe they do get paid per post as some have claimed.

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