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The New Year Agenda

December 24, 2012

Hot Air pointed over to a Washington Examiner article this morning, concerning how focused the left side of the aisle will be in terms of pushing tighter gun regulations over all the other new items on the agenda.

The Washington Post notes today that pro-immigration advocates are beginning to worry that the drive for gun control legislation will push their issue onto the back burner. The article quotes an activist saying the immigration reform push will have to start in the beginning of the year to have any hope of eventual success. That is looking increasingly unlikely though…

That was before everyone found a hot iron on gun control, and of course, there’s also the whole fiscal cliff bit, the upcoming debt ceiling debate (since I still believe there will be no cliff proposal)… and I think that’s the real point.

The administration and the left side of Congress have been queueing up all sorts of great stuff in preparation for the next four years.  The question is what is going to take priority.  In the first two years, the focus ended up settling on health care, with rearguard actions for the next two years trying to keep it intact through legal and legislative challenges.  It’s highly likely that Democrats will only be able to get one or two big things done.  The stimulus package that they passed early in the first term would count, for instance.

I have to guess that immigration reform got tossed by the wayside for a focus on gun control, while the economic problems continue to occupy time and energy.

And what will the right side of the aisle be doing?  I’d guess mostly arguing.  They seem so good at it.

What do I expect for the term?  Honestly, I expect a lot of yelling.  And whining.  Results?  Not so much… I would have to guess that the major focus in the first place will be rushing a tax fix so that the middle class doesn’t start whining.  It won’t help, since the automatic budget cuts and the lack of an AMT patch is going to end up driving down the market, which will make everyone equally unhappy.  After that finally gets resolved in February or March, the focus will move to gun control, with a flurry of dumb legislation in the first couple months to keep the story hot in the news.

So immigration?  Well, sorry, folks.  That’s just not a priority now that the election’s over.  I guess you’ll have to wait and hope for a lack of crisis in two years after Congress runs on it.

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  1. Ellen D. permalink
    December 27, 2012 7:44 am

    I have yet to see a solution that deals with criminals and illegal firearms. I think lawmakers are looking for an excuse to keep kicking the deficit issue down the road.

    • December 27, 2012 9:48 am

      It’s nice to have a distraction from real work, yes.

      What I think very funny about the fiscal cliff deal is that everyone is in a panic over the spending cuts. Um, the cuts you put into legislation pending the fact that you couldn’t agree on anything? We do get what we deserve as voters, but it’s not very fun to watch.

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