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Elections as Profit Opportunity

November 6, 2012

I’m sure you’re all reading Hot Air anyway, but go check out Erika Johnsen’s commentary on kids working the crowd for profit on election day.

On one of the lawns of the homes across the street from the elementary school that served as my polling place, some not-yet-of-voting-age youngsters were taking advantage of the mass of adults swarming their ‘hood, their prime location, and their day off from school — not by sleeping in or playing video games — but by selling coffee and hot chocolate! How brilliant is that? I definitely ran a lemonade stand or two back in the day, but I have to admit a homemade coffee stand for the colder weather probably never would’ve crossed my mind at that age.

I have to admit that I was more of the lawn-mowing type as a kid, but I fully support kids working the crowd in any way fashionable.  The neighbors occasionally come over to ask about raking leaves or such, and the lovely wife and I are happy to contribute to the economy.  Admittedly, I’d probably rather do it myself, but there’s something about ambition that I’ve always liked.

Some of my favorite memories go around my mother encouraging me to work for profit.  If we had time, she used to park the pickup on the side of the road every couple hundred yards, and I’d scamper by the roadside looking for aluminum cans.  Back then the price was effectively a penny a can, and there was a local recycler that would support my collecting habit.  The roads in Ohio got cleaned, I got money for comic books and science fiction… all was well.

So consider me happy that  something good is coming out of this election.

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