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From Dilbert to Bloombert

November 3, 2012

If only Scott Adams wrote cartoons about Big Government the way he does about Big Corporations….

Mark Steyn: Even in those few parts of the Northeast that can legitimately claim to have been clobbered by Sandy, Big Government made it worse. Last week, Nanny Bloomberg, Mayor of New York… spent his days micromanaging the amount of soda New Yorkers are allowed to have in their beverage containers rather than, say, the amount of ocean New Yorkers are allowed to have in their subway system –…. Imagine if this preening buffoon had expended as much executive energy on flood protection for the electrical grid and transit system as he does on approved quantities of carbonated beverages. But that’s leadership 21st-century style: When the going gets tough, the tough ban trans fats.

I recently had an experience with a set of management not in my current company & found I had a…questionable attitude about the “individual in charge.” He micromanages, he is domineering, he is unable to communicate his expectations ahead of time, unable to communicate when you didn’t meet his uncommunicated expectations before you find yourself cut off  wondering “what happened?”

What really got on my last nerve around that situation is that old urbanite vs. country people dynamic. A micromanaging control freak is one thing – but one who is unable to function outside the familiar cocoon of urban comforts and who condescends to those who can…well….I’m not sure I have the patience to be an emergency responder in Tribeca.

As I look at the illogic coming from people cut from similar cloth – diverting generators from Staten Island to an NBC benefit telecast , shaking fingers about “I told you global warming was real” – doing nothing to prevent its consequences in the city he governs… A NYT headline blaring “Big storms require Big Government” without also asking “isn’t preventing disaster when you’re convinced there is a real threat to your city the job of a government of any size? If Big government helps – why are our subways flooded and our electricity remains off????

We have photo op big government proponents promising – without irony “no one in NY City will be left behind” (outside the metro area? not so much. Libya? crickets).

VDH: A San Francisco professor, a Monterey lawyer, and a Sacramento bureaucrat do not know how hard it is to raise beef, grow peaches, find and pump oil and gas, and haul logs out of the forest and into Home Depot as smooth lumber….In the elite liberal mind…. Gasoline comes right out of the ground through the nozzle into the car. Redwood 2x4s sprout from the ground like trees. …  Tap water comes from some enormous cistern that traps rain water.

Preppers might look like a bunch of crazy rednecks, but at least they can eat if civilization as we know it ends. This crew will be utterly helpless

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