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It’s Not Helping…

November 1, 2012

Yea, apologize all you want, folks:

On Wednesday, NPR correspondent Mark Memmott wrote on the organization’s website, “On behalf of NPR and all other news outlets, we apologize to Abigael and all the many others who probably feel like her. We must confess, the campaign’s gone on long enough for us, too. Let’s just keep telling ourselves: ‘Only a few more days, only a few more days, only a few more days.'”

It still doesn’t help.

At this point, all the campaigns and news stories, and random crap is just trying to break through the barriers of the low-information voters, most of whom aren’t likely to vote if they haven’t decided already.  So does that mean that we’re truly at the stage of sound and fury, signifying nothing?

And it doesn’t matter to me, anyway, since Oregon does vote-by-mail.  I traditionally reserve Halloween for passing out candy to kids who don’t care (and probably feel like little Abigeal), and reading through the entire voters’ pamphlet.  My vote for president was easy in comparison to some of the crud around our ballot initiatives.

No matter what, please get as informed as you can and go vote.  And then it’ll be over, and we can stop crying.

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