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Please, just go wither up

October 21, 2012

I opened the article simply to laugh at it. I didn’t have to get farther than the titles of the two authors to start giggling

CNN: Kathleen Dolan is a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She is the author of “Voting for Women: How the Public Evaluates Women Candidates” (Westview Press 2004). Jennifer L. Lawless is associate professor of government and director of the Women & Politics Institute at American University

Oh goody! One of them is a women professor studying women in politics, and the other is a professor in womens’ studies, specializing in politics. Just the kind of expert who breathes the rarified air of Wisconsin and of Washington DC that I love to hear from (/cough). Shockingly, one CAN get a job with a degree in women’s studies.

Annnnnnnd. Here we go with the blah blah blah

…Romney said he “recognized that if you’re going to have women in the workforce that sometimes you need to be more flexible.” …Romney appears to hold a common belief that women can best be integrated into the workforce if they are still able to fulfill their duties as wives and mothers.

…. informal restrictions still limit women’s success, because the progress in the workplace has not been met by any similar shift on the home front.

A 2011 national survey of thousands of lawyers, business leaders, educators and political activists, for example, revealed that women and men tend to assume traditional gender roles.

How much do you think they pay these ladies to observe that women choose to act like women and perhaps choose stuff like …caring for the children, or cooking or …doing something other than attempt to live like “Real Housewives of…” or “Sex in the city” when they’re at home?

That a presidential candidate in 2012 can utter such superficial answers to a serious question about women’s economic equity and autonomy reveals a lack of serious thought about issues of substantive importance to women.

I don’t know. That a presidential candidate in 2008 can utter a superficial answer of “because a guy with an islamic sounding name got elected” as the sum total of his foreign policy towards the Middle East  reveals a lack of serious thought on HIS part as well as the part of the media. But I digress.

Personally, I’m with Cassy If you’re a feminazi, please – just go into a cave with the withering up of the only  bodily organs that you ever seem to vote with, your “well behaved women are utterly forgettable” bumper stickers, the “men are the enemy, but your freedom as a woman is to act like the worst of them” nonsense.

in a recent survey:

One in six [women] said feminism had gone too far, ‘losing sight of the natural roles of men and women’. Instead of fighting for equality, two in five now want to ‘celebrate difference’ instead.The majority of the 1,300 polled felt feminism should be about ensuring women have ‘real choice over their family, career and lives’, and to reinstate the value of motherhood

Sanity returns.

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  1. October 22, 2012 8:51 am

    “Romney appears to hold a common belief that women can best be integrated into the workforce if they are still able to fulfill their duties as wives and mothers.”

    ha ha ha ha. Well, yeah, it’s a common belief, esp. among actual wives and mothers. Funny how they value their husbands and kids above their own career ambition most of the time.

    How many times have I heard female peers laud a workplace that gives them the flexibility they need to take care of their family, and how many times have I heard bemoaning when policies are too rigid.

    These ladies are clueless. thx for the laugh.


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