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When We Ban Cheetos, Only Criminals Will Have Orange Fingers…

October 18, 2012

I have to admit.  The love-of-my-life, very-beautiful, watches-my-weight-for-me wife is significantly more interested in puffed cheese items than I am.  Give me a box of sourdough hard pretzels, and that box will show on my waistline in a matter of minutes.  But obviously people have different opinions on what’s tasty.  Just don’t try to make your own choices on government property, at least not if you’re a minor. (Thanks to Reason Magazine for reading the LA Times so I don’t have to.)

Several Pasadena schools have banned Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, citing nutritional value as the reason.

The snack-size bags contain 26 grams of fat and a quarter of the amount of sodium recommended for an entire day.

The Pasadena Unified School District has eliminated candy and junk food at elementary school campuses and limited such snacks for older students.

The district allows individual principals to decide food choices available at their schools.

Well, I’m SOOO glad that we’re leaving the snacking decisions to principals.  Look, I’m not a fan of foods that have more nutritional value in the bag than in the food items itself, but some of them can be tasty.  Or in the least, some of them can be tasty to some people.  We already force our kids to go to schools that more closely resemble prisons, and that lack discipline and (in some cases) any evidence of actual education.  But really, is it so bad that we must tell them what to eat when they have a choice to otherwise buy and consume this crud?

I pine for the days where Mom could pack me a lunch and I could trade half-a Ding-Dong for someone’s chips becuase that’s how schoolyard economy worked.  Now it’s trading the green apple for the red apple becaue the green apple bounces better when you aim it for the trash can.

So thanks to all of you who know better than everyone else what’s right.  The interest of students in California schools just got that much lower.

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  1. October 21, 2012 4:24 pm

    If you ever want to feel extra annoyed, try clicking over to what the writers and commenters at huffpo have to say about any of this student lunch/obesity crisis/healthy food issues.

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