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Post Debate Analysis Analysis

October 17, 2012

Just a couple random thoughts about what I’ve been reading post debate.  The debate itself was boring and somewhat silly.  There were only one or two substantive sections at all, with most of the rest being petty arguing.  I don’t know that I’d vote either of those guys as dogcatcher based just on what I heard last night.

The analysis after the debate is more interesting.  I’ve not taken a ton of time to sample the world… maybe I’ll add if I have time later.  But here are some rant-dom observations.

  • Most of the supporters of Romney/Ryan or more right-leaning people are lamenting that Mr. Romney didn’t be more forceful on the Libya discussion.  More cogent observers are noting that he was successful in turning the rest of the week into a discussion of when the president and administration really admitted that it was terrorism as opposed to when they can claim they did.  The optics win would go to the Romney side there…
  • What I haven’t seen on Libya is any comment that perhaps Mr. Romney didn’t want to be seen as further politicizing a loss of life that didn’t have to happen.  He’s seemed to step back on specific mentions of Mr. Stevens and the former Seal that he met based on family requests.  It remains to be seen, but I think he will be regarded as having walked a fine line later on this…
  • My friends on the right in their comments are talking about Libya, energy policy, taxes (that Mr. Romney was more substantive), and such.  Those on the left are mentioning taxes (that Mr. Romney wasn’t substantive enough, and/or that rich people suck), and a binder full of women.  Really?  You watched that whole debate, and you found a binder of women akin to Big Bird?  And people say the Left has run out of ideas…
  • I thought the moderator did an okay job right up to the point where she jumped in with “information” on Libya.  I don’t think that disqualifies her as a future moderator, but I’d note that plenty others do think that…
  • I might have a slight bias, but every time things got snippy, I thought Mr. Romney handled himself better than President Obama, but not by much.  He at least narrowly won every direct exchange.  I didn’t like the one spot where he kept standing and occupying space during one of the president’s answers, but I also think he probably felt that it would be just as distracting to sit down in the middle.  Either way, neither of the two looked completely professional…

Feel free to add in the comments, and I’ll come back with more if I have time in the afternoon.

Updated slighly… adding links from other people who observed similar things.

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  1. September 21, 2014 9:34 pm

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  2. October 17, 2012 10:42 am

    It was an interesting admission on Obama’s part that now, thirty-five days later, he still doesn’t know what actually happened in Libya. But he’s going to find out, he promises!

    Fast and Furious came up at the end, which I was happy to see as Obama scandals get little mainstream airtime.

    The 47% is irritating — and does not mean at all what Leftists think. Let me put my thoughts together on that — for the rest of Romney’s private speech is actually quite good.

    Romney was sloppy in differentiating the Obama-voter 47% who, in general, consider themselves victims. Many consider themselves victims of evil rich people and corporations, and want someone in office to punish them. Many of these folks vote for Obama for that reason, to fundamentally transform America into a place where rich people get their just desserts (which would, in the minds of Leftists, be prison time or poverty — until they become rich, and then at least the money is in the correct hands).

    And, there are about 47% of households who do not pay net positive income tax, or none at all. The numbers are similar, but they are not all the same people, as has been endlessly pointed out while missing the point of the difference.

    Romney has not helped, by simply adopting the attitude that he misspoke. I suppose that’s inevitable, as insulting a portion of the American people would always make him a media focus, regardless of how accurate the observation is.

    Another complete misfire, and uncorrected, came up in the context of gas prices. Obama is either ignorant or speaking falsely — and he has demonstrated a propensity for both.

    Hmm. Let me cross-post this.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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