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Try a different metaphor

October 10, 2012

She apparently doesn’t have any of her own freeloader family ….Huffington Post

Say it strong, Mr. President. Say, “I’m determined, in this family, that all of the children will be fed, and have shelter. In our family, we insist that we honor those who have brought us along — the elders in our home, the veterans who have served us — and we make sure they don’t have to worry about health care or social security. Compassion as strength, not as softness. In our larger family, we take care of our own. That’s who we are; that’s what we do. This is a moral issue.”
…Yes, we need to resolve the deficit in a responsible way. And we will do that. But not at the expense of this family

Not at the expense of my paternal great-grandmother, who drank away my grandfathers’ war bonds sent to her for safe keeping while he was on the European front as one of Patton’s radio men?

Not at the expense of my materal step cousin, who has lived a life of self-entitled self-abuse despite my aunt’s attempts to show her a different way, whose daughters also followed along with having children of their own before the age of 17?

Those are some interesting examples of  “moral choices” that were made by my real family – neither example are “moral” or were informed by MY choices for their best.

So, what happens when my actual family, decide to “take care of their own” by trying to take from their immediate family?

Yeah. Perhaps we should try a different metaphor than “family?”

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