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Mental Imperialism…

September 15, 2012

Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary – loved by some, hated by others – explores the concept of Obama trying to find, follow and win the approval of his absent father by carrying on the legacy of anti-colonialism. Interestingly, Obama promised the country that because he grew up overseas – because he had an Islamic sounding name – he, and only he, could find a way to reduce tension with the Middle East. He was no bubba, swaggering through the world – he was an internationalist. He got it.

Problem is, internationalism is imperialism – the outcome of which is colonialism – just in a different form. Imperialists – as GK Chesterton points out

WHAT IS the matter with internationalism is that it is imperialism. It is the imposition of one ideal of one sect on the vital varieties of men.”

In other words, it tells those it attempts to conquer that their small, parochial views and beliefs are wrong. Just like an imperialist tells those he conquers “my way is better than yours, as evidenced by the fact that I won, you didn’t”

In 2008, the islamic world had a dim view of the secularist Western states, of free speech and how it was used, of the fact that their worldview indicates they should be the prosperous ones – not we.

In 2012?

Washington Post: Why is the Arab world so easily offended?

CNN: Why free speech is baffling to many

Look, it’s no less – or more – naive to think that the arab nations were waiting for GW Bush to come in, clear the decks, make way for democracy & wonder why those nations voted in fairly radical islamists than it is to apologize, elect a guy with an islamic sounding name and tiptoe around the world attempting to not offend. Neither approach solves what seems to be at the heart of it all.

A conflict of fundamental worldviews – who should be successful, and why.

We offend. The success, influence and economic superiority of the West, combined with secular, liberal, openly mocking of all things sacred to anyone not-with-the-modern-doctrine culture is an offense.  It won’t go away – regardless of who is in office.


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