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Green for Me, not Thee

September 13, 2012

Yet another example of the environmental movement preventing, um, environmental movement.  In this case, I’m both amused and happy.  I’m picking up mid-thought from Erika Johnson at Hot Air:

…it’s pretty galling that the Interior Department under Obama has steadily denied a whole mess of permits for oil-and-gas drilling on federal land to private-sector, productive-jobs-providing companies who’d like to do so, but willingly put aside millions of acres of federal (i.e., our) land to allow for the development of government-sponsored solar farms. Human Events reports, however, that at least some environmentalists aren’t actually too keen on that idea.

At odds here is the fact that the current administration seems to want to plant solar fields on government land, and there’s an argument over, well, over how green it is:

The blueprint for the solar energy zones calls for 17 large-scale projects that it predicts would create 5,900 megawatts of energy to provide electricity to nearly two million homes.

But several environmental groups led by the Western Lands Project (WLP) filed a protest with the Interior Department on Aug. 24 calling the plan “deficient,” citing evidence they say suggests that disturbing the soil will release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

So first, 5900 Mega-Watts is paltry in comparison to the land space they’ll be using.  The Hoover Dam may only produce 2000 Mega-Watts, but we’re probably talking significantly less land covered by Lake Mead than the acerage (285,000, by the way) they’re talking for solar.  And Lake Mead doesn’t blind airplane pilots and create other hazards.  Of course, if we tried to build a Hoover Dam right now, we’d be so far up the environmental fecal stream that the paddle wouldn’t matter.

As I’ve said often before, there’s a sector of environmentalist that only likes energy in potential.  Real production doesn’t count, since that means we’re icky and we use it.  Well, there’s this thing called progress, which allows us to produce do-nothing whack jobs who only breathe to exhale crap about how we’re going to kill the planet.  So we all need to die, Die, DIE! if we’re going to save it.

Here’s a hint.  If someone’s whining about how bad it HAS to be… it’s probably a good idea.  The caterwauling over this will be minor, and luckily we won’t have the funding to implement even the start of this dreck before we find some other green energy that sounds good that we can’t use.

Dare I ask if their plan is to use panels built in the US?  Just checking.

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