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…don’t they say the darndest things?

September 9, 2012

Johnny Depp: “Please raise taxes on the rich like me!” before Hollande elected.

Johnny Depp now: “I didn’t say raise MY taxes!!!!” – moving back to the US

Lady Gaga at the intellectual hashtag of “#IfObamaDon’tWin” says “If Romney wins, let’s move to new planet”

Honey, look in the mirror. You’re already in an alternate universe. You have to convert to a different religion to get your own planet (oh, smack my little hand. Sorry)

Bono: “you should buy water wells for the poor Africans you selfish hoarding westerners!” (my paraphrase).

Bono & U2 move to Holland to avoid Irish taxes.

Disclaimer: I don’t have an issue with their move, because it is a testimony to the fact that a private enterprise can use money more efficiently than a government. Er, except in Bono’s case...not (his ONE foundation certainly gives a whole new meaning to the term “one percenter”, no?)






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