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Choose this day whom you serve…

September 6, 2012

You can lead a horse to water…

You can give “sense” – common and uncommon – to others & see them not use it

You can tell a child “don’t touch the fire, you’ll get burned”

Decisions have consequences – including the decision to do nothing. Given who is voting, and under what assumptions – this Forbes blurb is a bit disturbing.

The …market process of increased investment, increased demand for labor, increased productivity, and increased wages and incomes is the way that it has worked to increase the wages and incomes of American workers for 300 years.  And it is the only way that works.  Rising wages, incomes, prosperity, and living standards do not result from increased government spending, increased deficits and government debt, increased Fed money creation, greater income and wealth redistribution, or any other fever swamp of Obamanomics.

If this generation of Americans does not get it, they will not enjoy the world leading living standards,and American Dream, of prior generations of Americans.  Moreover, they will not deserve it.  There is no law of the universe that says America must be the richest, most prosperous nation in the history of the world.  If the American people do not choose the wisest leaders following traditional American, free market, economic policies, but instead choose the hope and change of the economic policies of Argentina and Venezuela, then they will get, and deserve, the prosperity and living standards of Argentina or Venezuela

And unfortunately for us – similar to the prophets of Israel – we’ll be dragged along with them over the precipice…


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