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August 27, 2012

I’m getting tired of the election already, and we still have over two months.  Really, can we post about anything else that’s interesting?  Lynn and I started the blog after the last presidential election, and now I know why.  Geez.

Anyway, I’ll see how news looks later in the morning, but I did think this Register opinion on the Apple/Samsung decision and Apple’s internal response is interesting.

On the one year anniversary of his appointment as Apple CEO, Tim Cook must be partying especially hard in light of Friday’s verdict against Samsung. But if his memo to staff about the verdict is anything to go by, in winning the case Apple has lost its soul.

The memo, leaked to 9to5Mac, shows Cook is in no mood to play nice with the rest of the industry.

Apple has never been one to play well with others, but the Reg contends that this is a new leaf showing how Apple is all about money and not interested in the industry or innovation.  Well, when they owned the patent on the 1394 link, they were in no mood to play.  When they had ownership of a UI, they fought like anything to prevent anyone else from using it.  When a rival OS that could make bad hardware look good came on the market, they tried to buy its application base out from under it.

I don’t see this lawsuit against Samsung (it’s supplier, mind you) as a huge change, but then again I’ve never had that high of an opinion of Apple in the first place.  I’ve pointed out before that Apple is looking to open new markets to keep its growth going, and it’s potentially leaving its old customer base behind.  I don’t think they worry about their fan base as much as they do about making money… and honestly, that’s what a business should do.

It’s worth keeping an eye on things.  And it’s not about the presidential election.

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