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Soft Core Goes Prime Time

August 24, 2012

Hey, networks!  You’re losing big time to the pay cable channels on the “edginess” of your shows.  People are running away from your overly-commercialed offerings.  What are you going to do?  Oh, I know, bring Maxim Mag styling to broadcast TV!

The study found that there were 76 incidents of full nudity on 37 shows compared to 15 incidents in 14 shows the previous ratings season, representing a 407 percent rise in incidents. Almost 70 percent of the scenes that featured such nudity were on shows which aired prior to 9pm, compared to 50 percent of the full nudity scenes which aired before 9pm during the 2010-2011 season. 

But perhaps the most jaw-dropping finding was in regard to full-frontal nudity. While just one incidence of this occurred during the 2010-2011 study period, 64 documented full-frontal incidences occurred this past season, a 6,300 percent increase .

Eh.  Honestly, I stopped watching network television a while ago because the content was bad, not because the content was crude.  The wife and I found a couple programs that we thought were interesting, and most of those were cancelled, likely because they didn’t show off skin or something.  Whatever.

I don’t think this surprises me.  The more liberal/libertarian take is that sex sells, and why not sell what people buy?  If there’s a specific result that keeps the idea-makers employed, then I’d expect that to be exercised out the (pixellated) wazoo until it doesn’t work.  Hey, I’ve always said, if your strategy works, then keep at it.

But honestly, looking at the numbers, I don’t think the strategy works.  Network TV ratings have been dropping like a stone unless you’re looking at specialized programming (Olympics, football, etc.).  People just aren’t buying.  At least not right away.  What’s more interesting is whether the networks have a plan to offer an “uncut, unblurred,” content plan that pushes people to spend money watching bad reruns with less-modest content.  I can’t see a huge market for something like this, but then again I don’t know a lot of people who buy certain types of magazines for the articles.

Overall, this isn’t going to make society any better, but I don’t think my opinions on society are all that relevant anyway.  I’ll go back to my HGTV, or even better, maybe I’ll learn to turn off the tube and go find a hobby.

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  1. August 26, 2012 11:18 am

    We are on week 3 of no TV channels, none. Just a Roku with Amazon Prime streaming, Netflix (yeah, I signed back up for that), and some other free odds and ends.

    We haven’t missed it. We even got to introduce the boys to Rocky and Bullwinkle, Gilligans Island . . . and I’ve learned that it’s really not “TV” that I liked, as such. It was the scrolling thru the channel guide. Which you can still do, with the Roku. You can scroll all night long. Ha.


    • August 27, 2012 8:06 am

      Where we live part-time in the middle of the woods in Oregon we don’t have a working TV, though we do have four DVDs we can watch. As a result, I have to find other ways to occupy my time, and it’s wonderful. Too bad I go back home and immediately turn the TV on…

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