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And guess who writes your generational epitath…

July 12, 2012

I still remember the situation vividly. A discussion between myself (female Gen-Xer) and a professor promoting some useless planning methodology (female baby boomer)

We were talking about GenX-rs and Millenials not necessarily holding the values of their parents. Not needing to be handed achievement because we’re female.

Her response? “yeah, but we’ll always be cooler than our kids

I love my mom & dad. I really don’t care for much of their generation. I actually like the generation of my grandparents much more. They’re practical, dry humored, grounded and willing to sacrifice for their families. Perhaps too much, because now the kids of the boomers are being expected to sacrifice for them as well.

From the same article Jim cited

“[Boomers] are not going gentle into that good night. They know they’re going to need younger people to change their diapers and pay their bills for them, literally and figuratively….Hillary Clinton : “In a very real sense,” she said, “Medicare and Social Security say to our older people: We’re going to help you remain independent … We’re going to free up the resources that might otherwise have to come directly to you from your family,

What’s fascinating is the statement seems to assume that the money coming from the government to baby boomers isn’t “a resource coming from their families”. Where does the money come from Hillary?

 It’s becoming a habit to say “remember when I said…”, but I’m going to do it any ways

From 2010

The boomer generation as a whole seem to care very little for what happened before them, and care even less for what they leave behind – ….. While there are many notable exceptions, the intellectual elites who started out rallying on campus, Woodstocking and dropping drugs to spite “the man” care very little for the traditions or history that preceded them. Their parents, the “greatest generation” were – in multiple Boomer created books & movies shown to be remote, unfeeling, distant, and uncaring about their kids ‘self esteem’.  Poor poor Boomer babies.

And from a Weekly standard article I quoted at the time

The Not So Great Generation: The most prominent of the boomers spent their youth scorning those of their compatriots who fought communism, while moralizing and posturing at no cost to themselves. They went on to enjoy the benefits of their parents’ labors, sacrificed little, and produced nothing particularly notable. But the boomers were unparalleled when it came to self-glorification….

So, ok. You’ll always be cooler than your kids as long as you drive the headlines – but those you leave behind are writing your epitath….

Update from JimF: We saw that HotAir had picked this up as well, so linking to that.

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  1. July 12, 2012 11:49 am

    My parents were pre-boomer, and I think that affected me (in a positive way, obviously). Maybe it’s why I see the absurdity more than some others.


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