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real people need IPHONES and IPADS!!!

July 6, 2012

ok, the OWS images ruined me. I can’t help but think “these guys have a different view of ‘need’ than Marx and Engels did”

Why Marxism is on the rise

Under current capitalism, Žižek argues, exchange value becomes autonomous….The ultimate root of the crisis for Marx is the gap between use and exchange value: the logic of exchange-value follows its own path, its own made dance, irrespective of the real needs of real people.”

Yes, Dang it – the OWS’rs need FREE IPADs! Free iPHONES! Free Healthcare!!! Free Education!!!!

“It is extremely unlikely that such a ‘post-capitalist society’ would respond to the traditional models of socialism and still less to the ‘really existing’ socialisms of the Soviet era,” argues Hobsbawm, adding that it will, however, necessarily involve a shift from private appropriation to social management on a global scale.

This is surely Marxism at its most liberating, suggesting that our futures depend on us and our readiness for struggle….”

Yehaw. “depend on our willingness for struggle” – how exactly can you claim to be “humanitarian” and exactly who will you struggle against – under what terms?

Here we go again. a new form of leftwing totalitarianism that enjoys intellectual celebrity but aspires to political power….”What forms it might take and how far it would embody the humanist values of Marx’s and Engels’s communism, would depend on the political action through which this change came about..”

Like the garden of eden, we want the fruit without the consequences or the cost.

After 7000-500m years (depending on who is doing the counting), you’d think we would figure this out by now.

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