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Peer pressure….

May 21, 2012

Well, there’s one in every crowd – phsaawh….not succumbing to peer pressure…

Germany cannot simply decide to bail Greece (or Spain, or Italy, etc) out of its debts. OK? However much Angela Merkel is nagged, berated, bullied and patronised by Barack Obama, David Cameron, or the BBC/Guardian axis that regard the preservation of the euro project as critical to their own interests, she cannot just revoke, in a unilateral act, the rules of German government or of the Bundesbank.

What Mrs Merkel is doing, quite appropriately, is defending the integrity of her national constitution, the economic principles on which her country’s economic success has been built, and the interests of her own electorate.

As the leader of a democratic state, what else should she be expected to do?

Angie – Barak’s doing it….David’s doing it….what are you- chicken? A nerd? Man, those people who actually put the means and the ends in equal weighting & say that that no means are worth some ends…Thomas Sowell talks about people who vote in governments that lie to them – where else do you go when you prefer to sociopathic pathological liar to someone who can govern?

seriously – what would be expected from a government that does this?

This town’s police department is conniving with the federal government to circumvent Massachusetts law — which is less permissive than federal law — to seize his livelihood and retirement asset.

read the whole thing & pray that you don’t have an asset that allows the police department to target you late in life…

It’s not that far off – check out the following

The reaction to cutbacks in Southern Europe, not unlike a baby’s response when a pacifier is pulled from his mouth, is a political shift to the left, a denunciation of austerity measures and a refusal to enact labor law reforms and other measures that would increase productivity and reduce dependency….

On May 6, Greece’s hard-left Coalition of the Radical Left (Syriza) party, an alliance of socialists, communists and eco-leftists, became the nation’s second-largest political force.

Syriza’s leader, Alexis Tsipras, 37, former activist with the Communist Party, is calling for a halt to the repayment of Greece’s debt agreements. Banks should be seized, says Tsipras, and the top income-tax rate should be raised to 75 percent.

Good luck with that guys. Once you run out of worthless paper money, then what?

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