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Should I stay or should I go?

May 18, 2012

For months now I’ve been strongly considering dropping off Facebook altogether. Sure, it was cute & cuddly to find out what happened to all the people I cared about from my distant past without going through the bother of highschool reunions and other similar rot.

But wow – talk about the downsides. From the inability to block app requests from people who I’m realizing have brought their lack of sense & appropriate boundaries into the online world, to the awkward PDA’s…

Rant on:  ladies, is it really age appropriate to be 40 and sending little ‘hearts’ to your BFF in plain view of everyone else who didn’t have coffee or lunch or a 3 day bender with you? It’s like Madonna at 75 still trying to be a sex symbol

Then we have the privacy issues, the annoying ads, and nearly constant reminders of all the reasons you dropped out of touch with many of those people in the first place.

For all the flap about Facebook’s IPO and virtual value – “where’s the $ in that” – there have been other businesses that made real world $ on virtual loot. Take South Korea’s recent example where the courts ruled that online money is the equal of real $

the Korean Supreme Court has ruled that the virtual currency of online games is effectively equal to real-world dollars.

The ruling came about as a result of a case against a pair of men …who purchased 234.0 million won (approximately $207,614.00 U.S.) worth of Aden on the cheap, reportsthe Korea Times, and resold it to gamers, making a cool profit of 20.0 million won (approximately $17,747.00 U.S.) in the process.

The pair was arrested on charges of illegally making money and were found guilty by a provincial court, which cited a law banning the swapping of real currency for virtual…. An appellate court overturned that ruling, before prosecutor’s appealed to the country’s Supreme Court, who ruled that acquiring in-game currency was a factor of skill, not luck.

It should be NO surprise that shortly thereafter, the South Koreans asserted the legality of collecting very real taxes on the ruled to be real $ from said virtual games 🙂 Warms the cockles of the heart for a true libertarian, no?

But back to Facebook – the IPO was a yawner, which means poor Jerry Brown doesn’t have much to help close his budget gap for the long haul.

Jerry Brown, and his economic team have been …hoping, among other things, that the Facebook offering, and other internet IPOs, might bring in enough money to stave off the state’s massive, growing deficit, now estimated at more than $16 billion. Yet even as the new IPO wave has risen, California’s fiscal situation has worsened while state tax collections around the nation have begun to rise

And that’s even before people like me get annoyed, and too bored to care about being on FB….

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  1. May 20, 2012 8:36 am

    If you decide to give up your FB account, good luck deleting it. Seems like anything you ever posted on it is there for all of eternity. Once you put something out on the internet, it’s out there with no way of “taking it back”, something I’ve tried to impress on my teenaged granddaughter.

  2. May 19, 2012 10:35 am

    I’m not on FB for all the reasons you mentioned. However, I will probably have to get an account once DD starts kindergarten just so that I can “like” the school, which, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to like.

  3. May 19, 2012 10:25 am

    I’ve known others who just don’t get enough out of FB, and they leave. The cons may very well outweigh the pros. If you already connect with friends and loved ones plenty without FB, and you are not the type of person who needs the constant self-affirmation of FB interaction (and you are not that type), then it’s kinda a waste of time.

    I am keeping FB, but here’s my situation: As a military spouse, I’m constantly leaving friends and never living near family. FB allows me to share pictures and videos with all them at once. It’s a great supplement to the usual letters, phone calls and email.

    FB also helps when hubs is deployed. He mostly can’t access FB on the boat–not enough bandwidth for everyone to indulge at whim. But I can “follow” his boat’s FB page (yes, they all have ’em) and instantly find what I need to know–handy when there is a blackout on private communication.

    Also, I have a couple leftist FB friends I enjoy sparring with from time to time.

    Still, I’ve had to be pretty aggressive about checking privacy status (FB keeps changing that stuff!), unfriending, unliking, group leaving, hiding, blocking apps, ignoring, skipping, etc ad nauseum, in order to keep my FB feedline useful.

    And talk about privacy concerns! Just today I was culling my friend list, and found a mystery guy named “Leroy Buster” who I’ve NEVER friended and whose acct was deactivated. What the????

    Cheers my friend


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