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Sanctimonious jerks not limited to religion?!??

May 18, 2012

What a stunner – Portlandia is funny because it closely resembles reality

“We found that the organic people judged much harder compared to the control or comfort food groups,” …

When it came to helping out a needy stranger, the organic people also proved to be more selfish, volunteering only 13 minutes as compared to 19 minutes (for controls) and 24 minutes (for comfort food folks).

“There’s something about being exposed to organic food that made them feel better about themselves,” says Eskine. “And that made them kind of jerks a little bit, I guess.”

Why does eating better make us act worse? Eskine says it probably has to do with what he calls “moral licensing.”

People may feel like they’ve done their good deed,” he says. “That they have permission, or license, to act unethically later on. ...”

Ah. as we suspected. All the rants about global warming from people who jet from NYC to LA for a dinner party (missing the irony entirely) are simply acceptable because they care. They buy organic food – and carbon trading offsets.

No wonder the aristocrats thought they could get away with anything when they purchased those indulgences in the 1500’s….

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  1. May 19, 2012 10:40 am

    You need to add a “tweet” button. And FB share. 😉

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