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Contagation Via Green Mart

May 10, 2012

I’ve often said that, as a conservative who likes to shop occasionally in the botique grocery stores, my policy in the store is to shut up and bring my reusable bag.  About twenty years ago, I bought some reusable cloth bags when I used to walk back and forth to work from my apartment.  Sure, they were waste-reducing, but they also were easier to carry for a mile.

Of course, I wash my bags on occasion, and I also air them out… maybe people need to learn that the new plastic ones might not be all that good for you if you’re not careful.

Doctors tried to determine how nine people became ill with the norovirus, which has infamously caused havoc on cruise ships, in less than 48 hours and, according to the report, “interviews revealed that most of those who became ill ate packaged cookies at a Sunday lunch” that were in a “a reusable grocery bag of snacks left in the empty hotel room occupied by the first girl who got sick.”

According to the report, “the puzzle fell into place. The girl had been very ill in the hotel bathroom, spreading an aerosol of norovirus that landed everywhere, including on the reusable grocery bag hanging in the room. When scientists checked the bag, it tested positive for the bug, even two weeks later.”

A large problem with the fiber plastic bags that seem so popular is that they hold germs really well.  The above is an example of one that took out a soccer team.  I think it amusing when cities ban all forms of grocery bags in the hope that you’ll bring your own bag… not knowing that it could contaminate an entire store.  If someone puts an piece of fruit in an infected bag, and then decides to put it back… that could take out a small portion of a city.

Reusable bags are wonderful things, and as I said above I’ve been using them for years.  My concern is a blind dedication to them that causes larger issues than just having a biodegradable one-off bag would.

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