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Silly peasant, tricks are for..

March 29, 2012

I thought it was China’s world, they just let us live in the lesser desirable parts?

Protein Wisdom:

they confuse and conflate having the money to dole out as a matter of procedure with owning the money and handing it out as a matter of largess And they are truly stunned when you aren’t terribly thankful for their enlightened decision to return some of your money to you.

That Kagan would refer to taxpayer money returned to the states as a “gift” from the government — while simultaneously supporting a position that we be mandated to pay that money whether we wish to or not — is absolutely astonishing

Silly peasant! I’m giving you someone else’s money (after taking some off the top for me). Or I’m allowing you to keep some of the money I let you make (after taking more of it off the top for me). Any government that believes it is needs unlimited power to protect the peasant looks like, well

he’s not Kenyan after all. He’s KGB. ….His cold, calculating message reveals a deep dishonesty many of us still did not dream Mr. Obama was capable of. It is a duplicity in allegiance unthinkable for an elected American president. Literally, he overrides the interests of American voters who will go to the polls with those of Moscow and Tehran, with whom he will deal after his re-election.

What is so shocking about his being at heart more sympathetic to a regime that was instituted upon the philosophy of eradicating one aristocracy to make room for a set of poor, radical intellectuals who wanted to live like aristocrats – all in the name of “protecting the proletariat”??

Seriously people. You can’t be surprised by this. It’s the age old “once I get mine, I make sure no one else does – all in the name of ‘protecting’ the simple fools from people who are like me in everything except for verbal duplicity’.

For being humanitarians and humanists, they sure don’t seem to understand humans well.

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