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Yet another “Dorian Grey….”

February 28, 2012

An uncomfortable portrait is emerging

You really have to go read this article that I missed earlier…it’s truly astonishing…

Fakegate: Global Warmists Try to Hide Their Decline

…This was supposed to be a scandal that would undermine the global warming skeptics. …It took bloggers mere days to spot the document as a fake and less than a week to find the person who posted it…. He turns out to be…Peter Gleick, a climate scientist who is president of the left-leaning Pacific Institute

After he was caught, Gleick confessed, but he’s still trying the “modified limited hangout“: confess to a small crime in the hope that this will mollify investigators and they won’t dig up evidence of your big crime….This won’t hold up, because Gleick still doesn’t understand the meta-data that tripped him up.

the victims are Heartland and other independent scientists whose reputations were impugned by the forged document. They have a good criminal and civil case against Gleick for identity theft, fraud, and defamation, and they will be able to use the courts’ subpoena power to dig into Gleick’s computer records and get to the whole truth…

Ooops. Now, I have a lot of questions I can’t seem to get a good answer for about global warming – particularly related to how we know it’s bad and why we picked pre-industrialized agrarian societies of the 18-19th centuries as the ideal reference points. Why not the ice age? Why not a warmer period before that?

That said, it’s really cringe worthy watching these people ruin their own careers because they can’t admit to themselves their goal is just like the goals of the “evil-corporate-right-who-wants-to-make-money.” These guys want the money, but to avoid cognitive dissonance they need to have a “noble cause” to justify having it. A worthy crusade makes their cashing in on the inevitable transfer of wealth and necessary dictatorship to sustain the theft feel as if they’re furthering  a transcendent cause.

Personally, I’d rather they all be open about their motives – starting with being honest to themselves. At least one side of well-networked corporately minded groups TELL me they’re potentially going to rob me blind. The other side wants me to thank them for doing it, and to insult me for being anti-science when I attempt to walk through the accepted practices of scientific inquiry. Then we’re left with a host of people who blindly follow & simply want to differentiate between “haves” and “have-nots”, exhibiting unconcious classism. “I buy Whole Fools” (i.e.: I can afford organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free….what about YOU?)

There’s a reason utopian scenarios ignore the fact that humanity is still participating in utopia….

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