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Entirely predictable – SHOCKING – consequences

February 27, 2012

In some cases, the consequences are entirely predictable if you’re willing to set aside the cognitive dissonance of ones’ ideology & examine all evidence from an emotionally neutral view (be an atheist to your preconceived notions).

Fortune: When the Berlin Wall fell, curious West Germans flocked to Wandlitz, the elite compound where the East German leadership lived.  The visitors were shocked that they lived as well or better than the “One Percent” of East Germany. Communist East Germany had inadvertently created the type of society the “Occupy Wall Streeters” would get if their demands were met – a fair society in which the top dogs live no better than ordinary people in other societies

Note that some of the Occupy set would be shocked – SHOCKED – at the results of their desires. What do you mean everything is equally gray, everyone is equally special, equally employed, equally paid!??!

In some cases, though, it’s intentional – in the case of the current administration it seems that they’re sort of like Achmed the Dead Terrorist from the Jeff Dunham act. (Premature detonation of the intended consequence…)

Hot Air: High gas prices are the wages of the president’s energy policies up to this point and he’ll do anything to avoid the electoral consequences of his policies….If the president wanted to avoid high gas prices down the home stretch to his reelection, then he should have thought about that before now. Championing sound energy policy requires a long-range perspective

Speaking of reaping the consequences of your very deliberate decisions – OOPS!

The number of people with measles in Indiana this month has grown to 17 with a fresh case linked to an unvaccinated person who travelled to a country where the disease is prevalent, state health officials said on Monday…Three-quarters of all U.S. measles cases last year were transmitted locally, within the United States, rather than being picked up in another country. Two-thirds of people who avoid vaccination cite religious or philosophical reasons

The tendency to refuse to accept the consequences of ones actions date back further than this administration – and further than democracy. Even in the ancient story that first highlights the wisdom of Solomon (two woman, one baby)- note the reaction of the woman who was really the mother of the dead baby:

the king said, “Divide the living child in two, and give half to the one and half to the other.” 26Then the woman whose son was alive said to the king, because her heart yearned for her son, “Oh, my lord, give her the living child, and by no means put him to death.” But the other said, “He shall be neither mine nor yours; divide him.” 27.”

Much of “occupy” would be the mother of the dead child – the consequences of their actions should be borne by everyone else, they don’t care about the impact on anyone else. Similar to the anti-vaccination crew.

I wonder – are gas / oil prices “premature detonation” of intentional policies, the outcome of ‘magical thinking’ – or no thought to consequences applied whatsoever?

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  1. February 28, 2012 6:44 pm

    It’s probably magical thinking/wet behind his ears thingie. I suspect BO really did think that the economy will right itself within 4 years and he can safely cram his agenda.

  2. February 27, 2012 9:34 pm

    I’d vote for no thought… these people don’t seem to have a lot of end-to-end thought process that I can find.

    But that said, they seem to be more like the non-mother. They’ll do whatever they can to ensure that nobody is happy through there’s always a simple solution.

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