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A Sporting Spectacle

February 8, 2012

Matier and Ross have this comment in their column in the SF Chronicle today:

Cash-strapped Oakland is on the verge of putting up $3 million for the designers of Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis – site of Sunday’s Super Bowl – to work their magic and come up with a new stadium and sports complex out at the Coliseum.

The money comes from some that’s burning a hole in their pocket because they disbanded an agency and the state hasn’t asked for the money they gave.  And why would a city in as lousy a state as Oakland want to spend money in this way?

The fast track also underscores how tenuous Oakland’s pro sports future is – what with the A’s trying to move to San Jose, the Warriors thinking of jumping the bay to San Francisco and the Raiders making noises about moving to Los Angeles, again.

But then, he says it’s worth a shot because the $200 million that the National Football League just committed to the 49ers‘ planned Santa Clara stadium “can be spent in Oakland just as well as Santa Clara.”

Ah, I get it. Sports is all about betting.  So you put money down on a longshot bet an hope it pays off.  This is also the strategic theory that gets us the lottery.  If I seem unenthused, I’m sure you understand.

Given that I’m a huge fan of pathetic sports teams (Go Bengals! for instance), I can understand the argument that the city and its inhabitants do identify strongly with a sports team and its success.  The most ringing example of non-success is the necessity to move to another city for better facilities, fan support, etc.  And that’s a huge blow to the city that loses.  For many prime examples, check Cleveland.

So is this a monetary lob that will result in anything, or will people feel better because they can just spend the money and say they tried?  Honestly, I can’t predict that.  I’d have to guess that any governmental strategy in California that eventually involves finding lots of money to do something is DOA.

Or, if you’re playing the parlance of the moment… if you’re resorting to a Hail Mary to win the game, you already put yourself in a losing position.  Luck is not a strategy.  Have fun with that toss, Oakland.

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  1. February 8, 2012 3:02 pm

    And why not bet 3 mil? It’s less than what occupoids cost the city, and at least they might get something out of it. Someday grown ups might run Oakland again, but probably not in my lifetime.

    • February 8, 2012 10:41 pm

      Don’t count on adults running the asylum until the straitjackets come off…

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