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There Was An Incident?

February 7, 2012

Dirty secret #1 about the Super Bowl: About 3% of NFL fans are happy when the game ends.  The rest have had their team drop out and lose either at the end of the regular season or sometime in the playoffs.  So mostly people are watching the Super Bowl because it’s the only football game left on the schedule.  As far as the “entertainment” goes, I would guess about half the people probably walk out of the room, especially when it all seems to be a giant music video.

Eons ago, I remember watching the halftime show idly as Justin Timberlake deliberately exposed a fake breast on TV, and I thought how lousy the culture was that they could get away with it.  It then turned out that — son of a gun — it wasn’t “planned,” it was just stupid.  And I still think that thing was plastic.

Flash forward now to some British-born rapper who’s married into a billionaire family deciding she’s “edgy” enough to flip off the camera, which has now ended the concept of civilization as we know it.  I have news for you… Madonna ended civilization as we know it well before the first Super Bowl Halftime Incident (SBHI) by merely being popular with the crud she put out.  But that’s the point. Entertainment is all about pushing some bounds so that people talk about you.

Nick Gillespie suggests the following:

Rather than building on already onerous content regulations and ultimately arbitrary speech restrictions (“fleeting expletives” have no place in a world filled ExtenZe ads featuring Jimmy Johnson, right?), can we just agree that next year, the Super Bowl will carry a warning sticker noting that despite high-level of play, some viewers may be disturbed by on-field activities? That should solve it.

I suggest you just go to the bathroom during halftime.  The last decent show, potentially outside of the Michael Jackson one, ended when Up With People got kicked out for “real entertainment.”  Heck, we have real entertainment with two teams struggling to capture a fan base that’s already just watching because it’s the only thing on television.  When it comes to halftime, I think we can all agree that life is better off if we’re really M.I.A.

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