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Suck it up, buttercups

January 10, 2012

My husband and I have always had a set of friends who attempt to shield their kids from the cold hard world. “you’re so creative! You can be an artist!” or “you’re such a great soccer player – keep working hard, and you could play pro!” (those of you who know anything about MLS will see the irony there)

The problem is that at some point, the world does get competitive, and while you could be the prettiest girl in your family, you weren’t the prettiest girl in school. Or you could make first chair in your highschool band, but weren’t the most talented player in college.

We always wondered what would happen with kids who weren’t conditioned to look at life practically, to have a plan B & look at life strategically. We assumed it would be one massive temper tantrum against reality, but eventually they’d suck it up and find a way forward.

A couple have – “Go east, young man“. If OWS wants a job, move to China. It’s not so bad there, as long as you can live without Facebook & Google (you can use Baidu and Alicloud if you learn to read Mandarin)

A few articles indicate that to find a way forward, they might need to go back & retrace their steps:

As a humanities graduate who coasted with average grades, Ethan does not have rosy prospects in the private sector. With the public sector budgets under pressure, “safety” jobs are also more difficult to secure. The unemployment rate for aspirants with a liberal arts background is in the high teens. In contrast, recent graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are almost fully employed.
Guess that college major really did matter more than what college he attended or who his dad knows, eh?
This is a really brutal article (warning, language alert, even AFTER being translated to english from Hungarian) and it talks about regulation, the impact on jobs and small businesses – then the ugly result played out over generatirons.
I think a lot of other entrepreneurs who have experienced starting a business, will also not give jobs because of these issues. And this is why more and more people are jobless, who buy fewer and fewer things, which means they pay less VAT. And this is why there are fewer and fewer decent companies, who hire less employees, who pay less taxes, so there’s less state money for social aids, and this is why social aid is about to come in the form of concentration camps.
Aren’t concentration camps referred to ask “work camps?” One way or the other, reailty rushes in no matter where you hide I guess
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  1. January 10, 2012 11:55 am

    Good find. Oho! The follow-up article is quite interesting as well, and adds historical perspective about “the socialism.”

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

    • Anonymous permalink
      January 10, 2012 12:17 pm

      Personally, I think Andor rocks – from your follow up link:
      Furthermore Europe agrees:

      1.Charges not more than 30% on the salaries.
      2.Charges not more than 10% corporate tax.
      3.Charges not more than 15% VAT.
      4.Punishes corruption instead of Andor


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