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Beware the fences you take down…

December 21, 2011

The methodical breaking down of various institutions (church, family, insert more here ____________) has a consequence. Institutions that would normally offer an individual a sense of belonging, purpose, meaning and community are weakening. Some would indicate this is by design – “Focus on the Family” weighs in often regarding an “ongoing assault” against the traditional family. Feminists often discuss how “family” holds women back from desired progress within society.

Another example: The Tebow flap had more than one writer talking about “What about separation of church and state???!  I’m not sure what is more disturbing – football assumed to be part of the “state”, or the writer insinuating that any talk of faith be driven behind the four walls of “church.” Seriously people

Krattenmaker argues that evangelical Christians are unfairly using what he describes as “the civic resource known as ‘our team.'” 

Interesting, but as GK Chesterton said “Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up”

Posted at Big Government:

“….upon waking each morning in the Tent City, he was struck by an overwhelming feeling of being part of a family.”

…The communitarians are younger protesters, mainly in their twenties….The report finds that while the communitarians voice concerns for social and economic issues, it is a sense of community and filling a void of purpose in their lives which is at the root of their connection to Occupy. And while claiming to promote the greater good for the community, at the source of these feelings is are desires that focus on their own self interest and solutions to their personal problems

What do we expect when we leave people adrift without any good explanation or solutions being offered for why life isn’t fair, they aren’t above average, and the benefits of family stability are continually questioned despite mountains of evidence. When you’re in an earthquake, you often try to hold onto anything that resembles an anchor – despite the fact that the ‘anchor’ is moving around along with you.

Faith, family and other “traditional” values are verboten – and the outcome of the alternatives being offered are adults who forget their potty training and who live in tents on free-donated food that ‘magically’ appears, without any interest in cleaning up their messes

From Chronicles of Narnia:

Suppose… suppose we have only dreamed and made up these things like sun, sky, stars, and moon, and Aslan (God) himself. In that case, it seems to me that the made-up things are a good deal better than the real ones. And if this black pits of a kingdom is the best you can make, then it’s a poor world. And we four can make a dream world to lick your real one hollow.


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  1. December 24, 2011 7:32 am

    Well said, as usual, Lynn. We can rail about ridiculous bills and corrupt politicians, but until our culture at its root re-embraces family, individual responsibility, and community/local civic duty, etc., we’ll get more of the same, huh?

    “evangelical Christians are unfairly using what he describes as “the civic resource known as ‘our team.’ ”

    ugh, this quote makes me shudder. it’s just a dressed up way to say: Christians shouldn’t have 1st amendment rights in public.” Disgusting.

    Merry Christmas, and Happiest New Year possible to you, Jim, your families and friends,

    • Anonymous permalink
      December 27, 2011 10:44 am

      thank you Linda! You as well!

  2. Ellen D. permalink
    December 22, 2011 3:54 pm

    I can’t believe how many people believe separation of church and state means that people aren’t allowed to perform any act that looks remotely religious in a public place. Here I thought it was about religious freedom, not restricting religious ceremonies to within the confines of a church as you said – silly me. If they don’t like a particular ceremony that is held in the open, they don’t have to watch or participate, but they shouldn’t protest it.

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