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As An Aside…

December 19, 2011

The spam-throwers were busy this weekend.  I spent almost as much time clearing out the folder as I did writing my last post. (For the record, I do most of the site maintenance though Lynn and I both toy with various switches.)

I actually read through all the spam, and sometimes I’ll look through to the links just to see what’s hot in terms of spam.  I told you that I see strategy in everything.  L, over at NoOneOfAnyImport will occasionally quote weird comments that they try to get through, but I haven’t found anything yet that’s flattering enough to note.

All that said, I still wonder about the business of comment spam.  Is this really a lucrative profession, or are these people just using blogs as warm-up for real hacking work later on?

Well, whatever, I just thought it truly interesting that we got the flood this weekend.

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