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When you tear down rule of law…the lawless thugs rule…

December 6, 2011

Perhaps the anarchists should think twice about removing a fence – and ask what lurks beyond it?

Occupy Portland gets bullied by gangs

“All those people who were out here at 3 am dancing need to decide if it’s our park,” he said. “You’re willing to get beat up by riot cops, but you’re not willing to get beat up by gang members?”

Said another occupier, Troy Thompson, the guy who was arrested last night after scaling the second-floor roof of city hall and erecting a Guy Fawkes Christmas tree. “We could smash ‘em back, but what would that do to our movement? We’re not another street gang. We’re not here for a gang war.”

Yeah, you’re willing to get beaten by cops – for staged videos on You Tube, but seriously….you’re not willing to be beaten by a gang? sounds smart to me. You don’t get many second tries or acts of mercy when standing in front of a gun, or a knife, or a concrete mixer that makes ‘water flotation’ devices if you know what I mean.

Note the trend in Britain as well – they know it’s safe to confront a civilized society where the courts are somewhat tilted towards the rights of the criminal. They did back down when the immigrant neighborhoods stood up to them. Typical.

The state has failed these Britons in one other respect, …It has given criminally inclined Britons the (correct) impression of impunity. Consider that the British police catch the culprit of just one robbery in 12 and that just one in eight convicted robbers goes to prison in the U.K..

When one bears in mind that leniency is shown toward criminals who have committed other serious offenses as well, it is no surprise that the young and criminally inclined should believe in their own impunity. They may not be able to do arithmetic, but they can certainly recognize long odds when they see them. They know, too, that they have respectable society on the run….

What the anarchists should be wary of is the fact that they create a vaccuum, and that vaccuum will be filled by something that asserts some sort of order. Whether it’s the order of the Mafia in the 1940’s Chicago scene, the warlord of Afghanistan, or the Sharia of Saudia Arabia – the order that replaces what the anarchists tear down is far less tolerant of dissent than the democratic regimes the anarchists love to protest.

Bravery is apparently quite circumstantial for the OTT folks….


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  1. December 8, 2011 9:59 pm

    In SF Occupy is playing a can and mouse game with the police. It’s typical, and it’s childish, and they know what they can get away with it. Some revolutionaries.

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