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They don’t want the whole world, in their hands

December 5, 2011

As I was flying to Taiwan last Saturday, I was reading a really brief history on the plane about China. I didn’t want to show up completely ignorant, and it wasn’t exactly a history I had looked into much…From “This is China: The first 5000 years”

Ancient China introduced the world to a written language system that is still in use, and to paper, printing, gunpoweder and the compass (The Four Great Inventions).

This was before 1000 AD. Later, in 1371-1433

Admiral Zheng He commanded 6 of seven Ming expeditions that sailed from 1405 to 1433. (note, this was well after they had written language and the formula for gunpowder). …The first of his seven voyages included more than 27,000 men and 317 ships, his largest ships, by conservative estimates, were at least 400 feet long. (the  US Constitution was half that size). He collected rarities as gifts and demanded that local rulers recognize the dominion of China….Zheng He’s voyages had no lasting effect on China or the world….his expeditions did not bring in enough revenue to cover the cost”

I asked my guides  – if the Chinese had the ability to colonize Western Europe in the 15th century, instead of the other way around 400 years later – why didn’t they?

The answer? “The Chinese believe they are the center of the world, they traveled enough to discover they were the most advanced civilization, and the other civilizations were too primitive to bother with. They went back and closed up their borders because the outside world wasn’t worth engaging with”

Oh. So they’re vulcan. I’m a lot less worried about it than I used to be. They don’t WANT the whole world in their hand. They just want the whole world eating out of their hand….


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  1. December 6, 2011 9:33 am

    That last part is my bigger concern. They’re farming out the care and education of their girls to the West so they can get them back free of charge later. They’re soaking up judicious amounts of our debt to prop up their own books. And they’re happy to employ people creating stuff that keeps us amused. Does that mean they’re getting everything they want?

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