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Not what I anticipated….

December 5, 2011

the lull in blogging was not intentional. No, I didn’t want to give Jim opportunity to go 10:1 on posting – but given the number of miles I put on over a 5 day period (estimated 16,000 in a 6 day period), it was completely unavoidable.

However, I learned a LOT for the short time I was gone. For example, according to the Wall Street Journal published in Taipei (picked up as I was boarding a plane to Hong Kong), “Beijing to cut college majors that don’t pay.”

“Official data already show that the country’s educated jobless, referredto as the ‘ant tribe’ appear to be decreasing. In 2010 72% of recent graduates found work, up from 68% in 2009, according to the Ministry of Education”

You see, in PRC – if you don’t study something that leads to productive jobs, you don’t get time off from living in Mom and Dad’s basement to protest the finance ministry. They just cut off your major completely making what you spent 4 years earning completely useless.

UPDATE: Wow. Total accident, but this is certainly a different form – probably the only possible form the same action can take in this country (at least until Friedman’s fantasy comes to life)

Colleges can either pare down their curricula to majors that impart actual marketable skills or continue to push crapola on their own dime.

Enter plumbing perhaps? HotAir

until people don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars a year to get poorly educated for white-collar jobs that don’t actually exist, some sort of technical training is looking more and more attractive. We’re always going to need electricians and plumbers

Thanks to Fister for the tip, and apologies for taking a week to get to it.

As amusing (or perhaps encouraging) that might be, there was another article I clipped about the recent college grads in PRC, that doesn’t bode well. From the “South China” newspaper, by Enoch Yu

“Twenty-somethings complain they can’t find a good job. Many need to learn how to do one first….One interviewee was a girl in her 20’s with good qualifications. The boos thinks: not bad [and asks] “how do you think you can contributed to our company if we hire you?

Instead of answering the question, the job seeker asks a long list of questions of the boss. “Well, I do find your company to have a pretty good training programme for staff. I am interested in joining your training and seconment programme to work overseas. It is for all staff, and I can join these programmes right after I join your company, right? I am going to take an examination for my master’s degree and I assume you can give me some paid leave to support my study. Your firm is a caring company supporting staff who study, right?”

Hey, we aren’t apparently the only country with an OTT problem. It just takes different forms.

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