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So overly edumakated that your stoopid

November 4, 2011

That title killed me to write….Nothing has convinced me to keep my sons as far away from premier universities as these stories. Instead of opening young minds, they appear to be accelerating damage to their ability to connect two thoughts coherently

First: the “Harvard Econ 101″ idiots (thank you Jim). Seriously – the “we’re walking out of the class to protest not learning macroeconomics” without realizing you learn microeconomics FIRST? Oh, you’re so smart that you can learn the advanced theories without learning the basic principles when you clearly haven’t learned enough to differentiate between the twoRight.

Second: the Occupy D.C. “I want a job (Income) without the work (entitled to be CEO)”. Therefore, even though we’re protesting for jobs we won’t actually APPLY for any when given a chance… idiots. If this is the employment pool, my sons will be JUST FINE when they’re in their 20’s. They can look adults in the eye, carry on a conversation, eat with a fork and put their noses to the grindstone

Third: the “Guy Fawkes is totally cool and represents what this movement is about” idiots. Just because Hollywood uses the mask in “V for vendetta” does not mean you stand for what he did…I hope. Did they learn basic research skills?

Liberal arts education – Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc….you seem to be killing off young minds.  We’ll be happy with math/science based majors at state schools – or plumbing. At least my boys won’t be useless for life as a result of higher education

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  1. November 5, 2011 9:24 am

    Somehow, the picture of OWS wanting to mimic the legend of a less-competent Timothy McVeigh seems appropriate to me. For all the comparisons to the Tea Party, all the people at those events formed, protested, made a point, and then cleaned up and went home.

    On the employment thing… well, Dad always told me that I should learn from sweeping the floor. Doing work to learn is part of, well, work.

    The EC10 story just cracked me up. I can’t see turning down learning something so you can successfully argue with it. The rebuttal essay was the best part of that whole link.

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