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Greek tragedy….will it be our farce?

November 2, 2011

Business day has an interesting twist on the ticking eminating from across the Atlantic…

Romney, in particular, seems determined to portray the president as the standard bearer of an alien and unsuccessful European way of doing things. He recently argued that Obama’s “answer is to borrow money we can’t afford…. Just like Europe. President Obama’s European answers are not the right solution to America’s challenges.”

The effort to link the president to the struggling old continent across the Atlantic has enough truth in it to be potentially troublesome.

Yup – there seem to be LOTS of similarities….guess who said this: (Telegraph)

….the ideological view was that any trauma would be a “beneficial crisis”, to be exploited to advance the Project.

Certain architects of [Monetary policy] calculated that [their action] would itself become the catalyst for a quantum leap in integration that could not be achieved otherwise

Sounds a lot like “let no crisis go to waste in achieving our desired ends” -but it was the EU currency architects – not Rahm-bo. Wimpy totalitarianistas who hope to buy votes – and when they can’t, they issue edicts. When edicts are ignored….and the masks are removed

at least the Greeks are stripping away the self-serving claims of the creditor states that their “rescue” loan packages are to “save Greece”. They are nothing of the sort….like the Spartans, Thebans, and Thespians at the Pass of Thermopylae, the Greeks were sacrificed to buy time for the alliance.

Perhaps this is why the media is so focused on motley, homeless protesters who want to be with the INTELLIGENT non-smelly homeless who- like themselves – want to enact the socialism that is becoming such a train wreck in the EU.

The irony here (Michael Moore: good; other jet riding millionaires: bad)  is far easier to sweep under the rug by media than the reality of the ugly end state awaiting the utopians and neo-Luddites if they do get their own way. And if the conservatives manage to tie Greece/EU as an end state to the policies preferred by the progressives/neo-Luddites, it will be a more interesting 2012 than we anticipated

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  1. November 2, 2011 10:36 am

    Summary Strategy: Blame everyone else but me, and let the meme carry the day. Darn, why didn’t I think of that?

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