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Well Enough? Nope, Can’t Leave It Alone…

October 25, 2011

The worst part is that I have a black-and-white parrot from an old Popeye cartoon singing in my head now.  If anyone actually remembers that cartoon, I swear I’ll give you a buck.  Anyway, what happens when the government uses semi-formed and incomplete science to make a conclusion?  It keeps going, that’s what.

A government panel wants young boys as well as girls to get the controversial HPV vaccine, in part to prevent them from spreading the sexually transmitted virus to girls.

The HPV vaccine has been recommended for young girls to protect them against cervical cancer and genital warts for the last five years. But the vaccine has been slow to catch on — only about a third of adolescent girls have gotten all three shots.

Experts say the HPV vaccine could protect boys against genital warts and some kinds of cancers. But they also say vaccinating 11- and 12-year old boys could help prevent them from spreading the human papilloma virus to girls.

This will go over really well with the “my body, my choice” crowd.  You know, the crowd that says you can’t touch them without permission unless it involves their later being free to do dumb things.  But now everyone can feel free to have unprotected sex, because they were immunized against some of the physical consequences.  Oh, there’s mental consequences as well?  Does Paxil help?

Okay, let me yank the tongue out of my cheek.  Be right back. [Ow!]

Back.  I do find it curious how fast the equation of choice comes into play based on the outcome of the action.  If the action leads to outcomes that are favorable in your opinion, then you’re more than willing to toss a slogan-way-of-life under the bus.  There, that was more mature.

Lynn and I were just commenting on this on IM, and she pointed out that preventative health care is more than able to cover for what HPV [vaccines like Gardasil, I’m adding this for clarity] offers to solve.  Of course, given the state of healthcare, HPV vaccines WILL BE the preventative health care, and then come to us after your fifth abortion if you need in-vitro help.

Either way, I see this in two ways.  First, it’s the government over-reaching becuase it got away with it the first time.  Second, it’s rife with unintended consequences.  So hopefully the parents are there are working with their kids on making intelligent choices, and then helping them cope when they don’t.

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