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Progress – to infinity,….er, underground?!?

October 22, 2011

Wow. In the early 20th century “progressive” meant science, sanitation, medicine. Today? These guys seem to want to go full on “dark ages”

Linked from Gateway pundit:

Filth-ridden Zuccotti Park is a breeding ground for bacterial infection loaded with potential health-code violations that pose a major risk to the public, an expert who inspected the area warned.

“It’s like Walmart for rats,’’
Wayne Yon, an expert on city health regulations, said yesterday.

Anyone remember what was carried by rats long long ago? Hint: It inspired a very funny Monty Python sketch in their Holy Grail movie

And who’s supposed to be “anti-science” – oh, yeah. The “nutcases” reading scientific data & the accompanying commentary that imply someone had a reason to falsify the data via eletronic document access.

Believe in climate change AND refuse to vaccinate your kids because you listened to a Mommy who posed in Playboy magazine and her “intuition” about bad bad vaccination – ?  PROGRESSIVE…

the vaccine rate has continued to plummet in progressive enclaves similar to my own, where residents show their disdain for the anti-science beliefs of creationists by putting “Darwin fish” bumper stickers on their hybrid cars. Take Ashland, Ore., the home to a nationally renowned Shakespeare festival: its vaccine exemption rate is the highest in the country. Marin County, just north of San Francisco, is another example: it has the nation’s fifth-highest average per capita income—and an exemption rate more than three times the rest of the state…..

the result has been as tragic as it is predictable. …In 2009 six unvaccinated children in southeastern Pennsylvania were infected with Haemophilus influenzae type b, or Hib, a disease that was all but wiped out in America 20 years ago. Two of them died. In 2009 in California, there were more cases of pertussis (a.k.a. whooping cough) than in any year since 1947, before its vaccine was in widespread use. Ten children in the state died after being infected. Nine of them were younger than 6 months old

The only good thing that I can think of out of this – and it’s not necessarily “good” – is that if they continue to live in slums similar to third world border towns (with better food), keeping up the trend on the anti-medicine; then….survival of the fittest will indeed kick in (they do still believe in that, right?).

Maybe they really are opting in for the short, hard scrabble lives of the pre-modern era – including the lack of benefit from medicinal advances that eradicated once terrifying diseases and plagues.

At least they’ll learn a few lessons on their self made journey of “progress to infinity…underground”….see PJ Tattler for the current stage of their race from ‘anarchy’ to Lenin’s oppression

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