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A sucker punch from reality

October 20, 2011

From VDH at “NRO”

Last week, protests broke out again in Europe, from Rome to London. The month-long Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York have spread. The current unrest follows this summer’s riots in London and flash-mob incidents in U.S. cities…

Bigger government, marvelous new inventions, and creative new investment strategies are not going to restore the once-taken-for-granted good life. ….Westerners will have to work a bit longer and more efficiently, with a bit less redistributive government support

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this report (linked at Pirates’ Cove) is any indication of their grasp of reality and data, well, no wonder it’s devolved into the nasty, thuggish and obscene. When I read “Lord of the Flies” and “Clockwork Orange” in highschool, they were held up as examples of what you did NOT want to devolve into.

Side note: are we really supposed to believe that this stuff from Gateway Pundit is the product of “progress” and evolving, as opposed to devolving and regression?  

Look, being whiny childish Westerners throwing a tantrum is way better than the alternative. The alternative is that they are just plain nuts, or they didn’t take their meds…

Going back to the article about “cool” referenced a few weeks ago…and the Boomer cultures’ self destruction

 — cool was oppressive. It told you how to be and what to be. In some ways cool was the inverse of itself. It was the enemy of freedom while pretending to be its apostle (Quoted from Roger Simon’s original article by David Swindle)

Cool, as it has been willed into existence in the post-World War II era, is an artistic expression of the self-destructive, suicidal temperament of a bipolar mind. Others with more credibility on scientific matters and psychology (See Touched with Fire: Manic Depression and the Artistic Temperament) can back me up on this. From the same well of tempestuous emotion that fuels vivid artistic creation also flows the overwhelming self-hatred that drives both the internal suicide of drug addiction and the political suicide that comes from undermining every life-sustaining institution that has enabled Western civilization to rise from barbarism.

So, how’s that working out for the people ‘occupying’ places today?

CA:  One Oakland police supervisor said that the participants first appeared to him as “freethinking activists” but have since devolved into something more sinister. He said it was “interesting for a group that claims to be against current civilization and rules to set up a far more oppressive society than our own.”

Cleveland: rape allegations

Baltimore: preparation and leaflets in anticipation of rape

Seattle: rifle carrying felon and indecent exposure

This is the “99%” that caused people to flee to the suburbs and others to run to bunkers in Montana with self contained food, water and reloading equipment.


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